Road Trip “Aha Moments” at Smith College

Let me share with you some “aha moments” from my April 2015 college road trip to nine schools in the Northeast. Here you go… Smith College – Aha!

You can’t tell if an all women’s school is for you unless you go visit.

Both the admissions officer and our tour guide had no interest in a woman’s school until visiting.  Why do they say an all women’s college is a plus? Building confidence [even if you didn’t know it needed building] “…because there are no dynamics in class to drown out women’s voices.” Seems to be a valid point particularly in STEM related fields – and Smith is the only women’s college with an engineering degree. The quality of education is strong particularly given the high acceptance rate of 43%. (48% for ED)

Other points of note at Smith: Students live in one of 25 houses, not dorms, ranging in size from 16 to 106 students.  The houses most definitely feel different than dorms…more like home!  91% stay in their house all 4 years and 98% stay on campus all 4 years. Like Amherst, there are plenty of options for off-campus housing in the Pioneer Valley. 

Consider it: Particularly if you are a women engineer. At least worth a visit.