Questions about the Admissions Process:

Why start thinking about college now?? Our son/daughter isn’t even out of middle school!!
What does it take to get into an Ivy League school?
How many colleges should I apply to?
What is the difference between early decision (ED) and early action (EA) and does it matter?
What is the role of parents in the application process?
Do I have to know what I want to be in order to pick a college?
Will it hurt my chances of admission if I check the box that I am applying for financial aid?
How important is the college application essay?

Questions about Working with ThinkYes:

How do you work with students from all over the country and internationally?
In what grade to you begin working with students?
What kind of students do you work with?
Do you help with the financial aid process?
How do you help with essay writing?
How do you get paid?
Why did you name your company ThinkYes?

More questions?  Contact us and pass them along.  We'll be happy to answer!