"I just wanted to express my thanks to you for helping with the entire college process. I am sure I must have been rather exhausting as a student, but now I have finally made a decision. Thanks for all the support!” 

Maxamillian, a post Gap Year student from Switzerland, educated in Shanghai

"Working with Eileen during the past few years allowed me to see the college application process as an exciting time full of opportunity and possibilities instead of the intimidating picture other people's comments had painted in my head. With her guidance and knowledge, I was able to understand the multiple facets of the college admissions process and learned how to navigate through it efficiently and smoothly. I found that her in-depth and well thought out reviews of my essays emphasized who I am as a student and person, allowing colleges to see who I genuinely am. Furthermore, I found that her timelines and tables she made for me were extremely helpful in keeping me on task, organized and relatively stress-free. Having someone like Eileen by my side was one of the best decisions I made throughout the college admissions process, coming close to my decision to attend the University of Virginia in the fall. :) "

Veronica, a junior / senior from Oak Hill, VA

Applying to 10+ colleges could have been extremely daunting. But Eileen helped me every step of the way. Whether it was brainstorming, editing essays, narrowing down my college list, preparing for college admissions interviews, or answering any other questions I had, Eileen surpassed my expectations with her dedication to helping me and her knowledge and insight into the college application process. What is most unique about her is that she goes the extra mile to help me perfect my college application—she truly cares about my college journey, and it shows. Be it the personal statement essay, supplemental essays, the list of activities, or anything else, Eileen worked with me to polish my application, no matter how many versions it took. I am very glad I had Eileen by my side for this process, and I am confident that her guidance helped me tremendously in gaining acceptance to Harvard University.

Daniel, a senior from Santa Barbara, CA

"I am so grateful that you were there to help me through the college application process. Your support and guidance transformed a hugely overwhelming project into an organized timetable of tasks. The way you are able to handle so many students at once yet treat each one as if they were your only client amazes me. Much of my success should be credited to you and I truly appreciate your commitment to helping me. Thanks for everything you’ve done."

Minna, a senior from Santa Barbara, CA

"Working with Eileen was very helpful for every aspect of the application process. The things I valued the most were the timeline she set for me, her editing my essays, and doing application reviews. She helps keep you on track and is very organized through the entire process which really helps minimize the stress."

Daniella, a senior from Santa Barbara, CA

"Working with Eileen for the past two years has truly been a pleasure. Although she was physically all the way across the country, she was always there for me when I needed a hand. From personal essays, to the Common Application and supplements, Eileen always gave me her full devoted attention. I could not imagine the college process without Eileen, as her caring personality and limitless work ethic kept me on task and focused. Thank you so much for everything!"

Matthew, a junior / senior from Wellesley, MA


"To know that you were just an email or a phone call away was a comfort that I truly needed and kept me calm. You had a way of giving me your professional opinion, while still respecting mine. Every essay, every version, you put 110%. You were positive, excited, and motivating when I thought I couldn’t write one more word. I am so comfortable around you and know that you don’t judge me. You really saw the good in my heart and made me feel like I was good enough to reach for the best."

Franee, a senior from Santa Barbara, CA

"Eileen does not want me to do something that only "looks good" for colleges. She truly encourages and inspires me to embrace the things that I love and keep digging deeper to achieve much more. She is not the writer of my story; she guides me to become the best creator of my own dream. What I received after working with Eileen is not simply a great college to attend, but a person, who is always ready to challenge herself."

Zetong, a senior from Shanxi Province, China (living in Queens, NY) 

“I don’t know how to thank you for all the time and effort you have put into my college application journey. I know without a doubt that I would not be attending USC if it wasn’t for your immense help on all my essays and every little question on the applications. I appreciate your endless confidence in my abilities to succeed in college and all of your support and advice over these past few months. I am so grateful for your presence in my life and can’t wait to start this next journey at USC this fall. Thank you so much.”

Sara, a senior from Goleta, CA


"You made me realize what I need to work on for future applications, and for that I am forever grateful.”

David, a senior from Johns Creek, GA
[ThinkYes provided limited services for a single application]


"I can genuinely accredit Eileen with my getting accepted at Harvey Mudd College. She had faith in me since the first hour of working with her. She saw potential in me when I was ready to loose hope and shoot for lower-caliber schools. She saw what kind of a student and person I was and pushed me to find a school that I would really enjoy and that I know will help me grow in the next four years. My test scores were never really high, but she gave me resources and support to push through and raise them up a considerable amount. She was patient with my busy schedule and her deadlines and organization are the only reason I was able to keep track of the multitudinous aspects of the application process. She really encouraged and pushed for making my applications reflect me in every way possible. She pointed out strengths of mine that I had trouble recognizing as relevant, and also helped me let my creative side really make itself apparent with my essays.

To other students who choose to work with Eileen: She has amazing insight in the application process, which helps guide you but use your own judgment and follow your intuition. She’ll put all her efforts into helping your ideas reach their full potential.

Thank you Eileen, for all the support!"

Giulia, a senior from Santa Barbara, CA

“I valued working with deadlines, they broke huge goals into smaller steps. Applications are intimidating; especially when applying to 10+ colleges, so smaller, specific deadlines took the pressure off and were easier to manage/work towards. Also, I don't think I was able to get such a good score on the ACT without you pushing me to take all of the practice tests.”

Brianna, a senior from Goleta, CA

"I’m Helen. I’m very glad that I can work with Eileen. Eileen is a professional advisor.  Because I’m graduated from Chinese high school, I have few experience and knowledge about applying an American college until I have to do it for myself. Fortunately, Eileen helped me to do everything. She helped me to understand the whole process, edit my essays, and check all the materials. Applying colleges is never easy but I feel much more comfortable with Eileen’s help. Also, she is very passionate and positive like the Californian summer! She is not only my advisor but also my friend. I like talking to her and email her about everything. I have a really good time with Eileen." 

Xier (Helen), a Chinese National post high school grad from Somerset, NJ