The essence of ThinkYes revolves around individual consulting. Its work can be considered as three unique but related facets. 

Early Years: The company’s name is derived from this first facet. Classes are selected and experiences are sought out, which either kindle or affirm a student’s personal interests.  Students have the time necessary to engage in order to develop and demonstrate excellence academically and in their chosen interests. Families have the opportunity to understand the realities of colleges’ expectations and the vastness of choice that is available.

The Application:  ThinkYes’ work moves to conveying to colleges, with clarity and conviction, the character of students, their accomplishments, and their aspirations.  This second facet is a combination of reflection and research, which leads to self-awareness and finding colleges that provide an opportunity for the student to thrive during his or her college experience.

Student of Colleges:  It is the responsibility of ThinkYes to be a student of colleges and bring to the table suggestions, insights, and personal experience with regard to individual colleges.  With roughly 2,500 four-year colleges in the US, ThinkYes makes an effort to visit and understand those colleges it believes prioritize academic excellence and can best serve its students — students who are engaged, motivated and curious.

There is nothing more satisfying than guiding young men and women to “Think Yes” and doing it in a way that is supportive, relaxed, exciting, and realistic.