Comprehensive Consultation Services

The most typical of services are comprehensive consultation services where ThinkYes takes the lead in recommending necessary guidance and the approach to achieve a student's best application. As a general framework, each consulting session addresses three areas: Academic, Non-academic, and Colleges/Application Process.  More specifically, click below...

Colleges/Application Process

Not captured in the above framework is the aspect of identifying and brainstorming previously unconsidered opportunities – be they academic or extracurricular.

Ideally, families begin thinking about college applications when students are freshmen and sophomores.  This is particularly true for those anticipating selective colleges. ThinkYes focuses the first two years on maximizing the high school experience with a lens toward college admission. Meetings are typically few (3) a year, however can be more frequent based on a family's desires.  They are held with both students and parents together as these years benefit from parent involvement.  The intent is one of mentorship and the primary focus is developing, implementing, and adjusting a 4-year plan. Also of significant importance is identifying, with the family, substantive summer experiences.   The summer between sophomore and junior years being the most important.  

The junior/senior services shift from planning and growth experiences to standardized testing, researching of colleges, and presenting to colleges the best reflection of the student possible. Every effort is made to complete standardized testing by the end of junior year and to have a solid initial college list.  This allows students to focus solely on preparing their applications during senior year.

For more information about services during Freshman/Sophomore and Junior/Senior years, click below...

Freshmen / Sophomore Services — Maximizing High School Years
Junior / Senior Services — Testing, Research, and the Application

Essential Services

Essential Services is an option offered for families who would like to conduct the college admissions process on their own, but would appreciate help with developing a college list and with a thorough review of a completed application before pushing the "send" button.  The service begins with an in-depth 2-hour meeting, following surveys prepared by the student and submitted to ThinkYes. Together these provide ThinkYes with an understanding of the student — their performance both academically and extracurricularly as well as their values, interests, and priorities in a college. With this ThinkYes prepares and provides a college list. A second meeting is held to discuss the list, typically an hour to an hour and a half in length.  The student then prepares an application on their own and submits it to ThinkYes for detailed review.  With this feedback, the student can adjust as they deem appropriate and go forward with their remaining applications.

Individual Sessions — As Needed

ThinkYes fully relates to a family’s desire for advice on an as-needed basis and is happy to work with families to do just that. When a family chooses an hourly service, they take the lead with regard to their necessity of guidance. A few days notice of questions and relevant background information enables consideration prior to our session -- making our time together more efficient and effective. Realizing a 1-hour framework, questions are addressed in a family’s order of priority. The sessions can be as frequent or infrequent as desired. Individual sessions become a necessity when ThinkYes’ senior class, not to exceed 15 students, becomes full. WIth a highly motivated student, the approach can be effective.