Road Trip “Aha Moments” at Clark University

Let me share with you some “aha moments” from my April 2015 college road trip to nine schools in the Northeast. Here you go…Clark University – Aha!

Their motto “Challenge Convention. Change Our World” actually seems to fit the school. Why? 

Challenge Convention: There is no expectation for kids to know what they want to do in life when they walk onto campus – the breadth of curriculum, small class sizes, and advising shepherd students to find their interests and how to turn them into a major and career.  50% of undergrads do research. Intolerance of ideas is not acceptable. Clark’s 5th year program will pay for a masters in one of their fourteen grad programs. 

Change Our World: There is a big focus on volunteering and giving to Worcester, a rather depressed community – 53% do community service.  Education is the most popular major. The largest student club is the International Student Assn.; the biggest event on campus is the International Gala; and 17% of the student population is international.

Other points of note: Clark is one of 40 “College That Changes Lives” (CTCL) schools — schools that are generally accessible and are deemed to make an impact on students’ lives by providing an environment for students to take ownership and succeed.   With a selectivity of 62%, an average un-weighted GPA of 3.6, and being test optional, Clark if it lives up to its motto meets the definition of a CTCL school — it is accessible and it can change students’ lives.

Consider it: If you are into community service and ready to open your thinking to new ideas.