Road Trip: "Aha Moments" at NC State

Every college visit has its “aha moments”.  My August 2014 trip to visit five North Carolina schools included many.  Here are a few to share…NC State – Aha!

NC State is a typical large state school with 34,000 students (24,500 undergrads); a 47% acceptance rate and a 74% 6-year graduation rate.  But it has some unique characteristics.

  • It is not a common app school.
  • Essays are not required on applications (except for Honors or Scholars programs).
  • Students declare a major at the time of application.
  • Freshman are not required to live on campus (though 80% do).
  • 90% of students are from North Carolina.
  • There is no financial benefit for NC State to admit out-of-state students because the state requires tuition in excess of in-state rates be put in a common state-wide pool.

Other points of interest at NC State: An anecdote was shared during the info sessions at both NC State and UNC to describe the "fun" clubs that students have formed.  UNC - “How to eat for free on campus” club; NC State - “I love to sleep” club. To me, those anecdotes do much to encapsulate the character of the student body at their respective state schools.

Consider NC State: if you are confident you can find your path and make it happen among the offerings of a large public institution, and you enjoy the residents of North Carolina.